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Drama Therapy.

Drama therapy is an experiential approach to treatment that utilizes a variety of creative techniques (story-telling, role-play, visual art, music, movement, etc.) combined with traditional counselling skills in one-on-one and/or group work. 

Puppetry Workshops.

Learn the basic art of puppetry and have the chance to create your very own Muppet-style puppet! Bring it to life with a dynamic character and back-story and showcase your creation in a final performance that combines puppetry, improv, and more! 


Catch Little Charming at Théâtre-Sainte Catherine for Montreal Off-Fringe

JUNE 6-17

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Little Charming

Episode II:


Episode I introduced us to Little Charming. Just a regular little boy, who loves his family. But one day, his parents are taken away by giant monsters! Little Charming adventures through the land of Ima-gi-na-tion, where he meets characters who teach him a few things along the way. There is a Nurse, a Farmer, a Witch, Queen Charming, King Charming, a Moon, and even his brother, the one and only, Prince Charming.

Using puppets, poetry and physical theatre, Laurent McCuaig-Pitre crafts a new fairytale that will tickle, transport and enchant all ages.

School Workshops.

Creative Expression offers a variety of school services to meet your school's needs. Whether you want to provide you students with a unique puppet-making experience, or explore important topics through creative methods (ex. social skills, bullying, self-esteem, etc.), contact me today!


 ...and more!


Applied Improvisation.

Applied improvisation is a technique that utilizes the fundamental properties of improvisational comedy to explore new ways of communicating, collaborating, learning, coping, and problem-solving, in a fun and playful way.