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2018 St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival 

Episode I introduced us to Little Charming. Just a regular little boy, who loves his family. But one day, his parents are taken away by giant monsters! Little Charming adventures through the land of Ima-gi-na-tion, where he meets characters who teach him a few things along the way. There is a Nurse, a Farmer, a Witch, Queen Charming, King Charming, a Moon, and even his brother, the one and only, Prince Charming.

Little Charming is on a daring new mission: to save his parents marriage before the clock strikes Mid Knight ! Expanding upon the hit fairytale production Little Charming, Laurent McCuaig-Pitre takes viewers deeper into the difficulties and discoveries of an unlikely hero who is grappling with the divorce of his parents. Using puppets, poetry and physical theatre, this new fairytale will tickle, transport and enchant all ages.

Drama Therapy.

Drama therapy is an experiential approach to treatment that utilizes a variety of creative techniques (story-telling, role-play, visual art, music, movement, etc.) combined with traditional counselling skills in one-on-one and/or group work. 

Puppetry Workshops.

Learn the basic art of puppetry and have the chance to create your very own Muppet-style puppet! Bring it to life with a dynamic character and back-story and showcase your creation in a final performance that combines puppetry, improv, and more! 


School Workshops.

Creative Expression offers a variety of school services to meet your school's needs. Whether you want to provide you students with a unique puppet-making experience, or explore important topics through creative methods (ex. social skills, bullying, self-esteem, etc.), contact me today!


 ...and more!


Applied Improvisation.

Applied improvisation is a technique that utilizes the fundamental properties of improvisational comedy to explore new ways of communicating, collaborating, learning, coping, and problem-solving, in a fun and playful way.



Catch Little Charming at Théâtre-Sainte Catherine for Montreal Off-Fringe

JUNE 6-17