"Get in touch with your inner child. Don't fight it."

- Inga, Puppetry & Improv 2017

 "I want to do this everyday. Forever."

- Adrianne, Puppetry & Improv 2017

"I didn't think I could make anything crafty. Lisa is an absolute gem. Made of pure patience. Her enthusiasm towards puppets is highly contagious!"

- Julie, Puppetry & Improv 2017

Meghan & Dorval


Inga & Libby

Dawn & Nicky Lou

Jordan & Rodney

Lucy & Harold

Adrianne &

Commander Scully

 "Puppetry frees my creative emotions. It allows me to wear my heart  <3 on my arm! Thank you, Lisa!"

- Laura, Puppetry & Improv 2016

"Improv is a great venue to allow you to play and be silly as a grown-up in a safe environment. Puppetry adds another level of silliness and encourages you to explore the far reaches of your personality"

- Katie, Puppetry & Improv 2016

Custom Puppet 



Laura & Judy Blinksi

Britt & Phil

Kiri &

Brenda Duquette

Puppetry & Improv 2016

Ali &


Mariana & Anita

Crazy Eyez


Katie &


Create. Explore. Grow.


Brad & Benedict 

Josh & Blair

Julie & Stella

Puppetry & Improv 2017