​​Level 1: Puppetry and Improv  (8 Weeks + Show)                FREE Puppetry Drop-In            

Description: Learn the basic art of puppetry and have the

chance to create your very own Muppet-style

puppet! Bring it to life with a dynamic character and

back-story and showcase your creation in a final

performance that combines puppetry and improv!

No experience necessary.


Improv for Anxiety Group (10 Weeks)

To find out if this group is right for you,
please contact the facilitators:

Lisa Drupsteen, MA, CCC



Ali Di Paolo, MSW



Applied Improvisation for Corporate Training              

Please contact for more information

This stream of services is intended for organizations who wish to enhance team performance, productivity, and workplace satisfaction. Areas of focus include:

                                  Communication Skills               Collaboration and Teamwork
                                  Brainstorming Skills                  Leadership Skills
                                  Public Speaking                        Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

                                  Self-Care in the Workplace       

                                 …and more!

The overall aim of these workshops is to re-establish a strong sense of trust and creativity in the workplace leading to greater levels of employee satisfaction and success. By investing in your team today and embracing positive change, you are opening the door to opportunities for growth and increased long-term results.

School Workshops

Pre-K - Sec V

Want to give your students a more interactive, unforgettable experience? Creative Expression will collaborate with you to design a program that fits the needs of your school/students, in a fun and creative way. Whether you want to teach them the art of puppetry, or use the creative arts to explore important themes such as social skills, bullying, self-esteem, exam stress, etc., Creative Expression can help!

Programs range from one-time workshops, to 12-week groups.

Contact me today to start planning!


2018 Workshops and Services

Description: Come to this FREE workshop to get a glimpse of how fun puppetry and improv can be. No experience necessary.

When: January 21st, 2018, 2:00-4:00pm

Where: Mainline Theatre, 3997 Boul. St-Laurent, Montreal, QC

This event has passed. Thank you to all who participated! Stay tuned for future drop-ins!


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